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April 25, 2011


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Laura Stewart

sound great!

Karen Hess

What a fun project! Love jars and all that they promise! Please throw my name in the hat! Wish I had a recipe to share.

Carol Blankenship

I guess I'm not in the top 50 but I sure would like to win. Love the Red Lead products.


No honey recipes but would love to win the giveaway


This sounds SWEET!
I can't wait to see the jars! Jars are some of my favorite ways to store/display my found objects.


always enjoy reading my messages from Red Lead. Can't wait for the next swap...SURE TO BEE A HONEY!


My favorite stamp in my collection is the little Mason-type jar; I use it so much. I think the honey jar will be right at the top of my list, too. All of your nature stamps are beautiful and they all tell a story.

Lynn H S

I am rubbing my little Emma's little belly for good luck... I hope it "bee" me... from my favorite "honeys" you!

Trisha Jackson

Count me in please!

Mary Baker

After a stressful day, it is so relaxing to look at your website and blog! Love you guys!


Sweet! You have the best of all things vintage-looking forward to the new goodies!


I even want to use the picture of the jar in some art! (And I'm craving hot buttered biscuits for some reason ... ;>)

Lisa Hilderbrand

Count me in, honey bunch!


I love nature! Can't wait to see your new stuff. Of course, winning some of it would be super fun! Thanks for the giveaway and a chance to win.


Good luck on the sugar. It's my drug of choice as well.... Sorbets, fruit and chocolate. Honey will, unfortunately, do you no good. Intense as sugar on your body, insulin levels.

Try stevia and agave nectar. You adjust pretty fast. Sugar's a cruel mistress, she hangs tight! Like I said, good luck...if it's for your tea, you'll do fine. Me, I vacuum up sorbet at a rate you won't believe! There are worse addictions (unless you're diabetic).

Leslie Kenreich

Love our site and can't wait to see the new stuff.

Maggie Petry

Red Lead never disappoints. Love all these new ideas with vintage nature. I am so lovin' the honey jar. The ideas are buzzin in my head. Cute, cute, cute!

Carla H.

I can't wait to see results of the honey jar challenge. Luv my jars for stashing supplies while they await their make-overs. I will be anticipating the internet reveal<3

Lori Northon

How odd . . . I left a comment in the wee hours this morning, and it's not there now . . . oh well. Love the idea of altering the honey jar with lots of great things from Red Lead - stamps, labels, ribbon, charms - what could be better? And what a great idea for Mother's Day!


Ooooh, what a HONEY of a give away! Sorry, I just couldn't resist, just like I can't resist the creative goodness at Red Lead. I can't wait to see what's new!

Alice H.

I adore Red Lead and all the inspiration and creative energy you exude--thanks (even if I don't win, I still win!)


I admire you Chris, for kicking sugar. The great thing about honey is it's one food that never spoils. I found out that you should never microwave it, though--just set container in warm water. Thanks for this chance to win your vintage nature offerings.

Alice Topp

Please sign me up for the new kit giveaway! Wonderful items!

Renee Covell

Definitely a "Favorite" computer page save. Way Cool Stuff! I also love the ladies hats I wish that was a page we could purchase. So darn cute!

Deborah C

Love your shop and website. Always interesting to see what you come up with next.

Susan M.

Always love new Red Lead goodies!

ann divelbiss

what a wonderful giveaway!!
Vintage,nature,recycle..what could be better! New products..exciting!'
Please add my name to the list!! Thanks for the chance to win this "honey of a prize" !

trisha too

Well, VERY sweet, indeed!!


karen cejka

Oooh, I can't wait to see the new products! Bet they will be as delicious as the honey in that jar. :)

Thanks for have the giveaway! Happy Spring everyone.


Love your enthusiasm for all things nature and the new products coming in. Great ideas for the honey jar, too! Thanks for having these great give-aways! Helene Huber

Julie Sullivan

There's nothing better than nature and nature's fruits to inspire. Can't wait to see the new stuff.


Anxiously awaiting your new releases. You have such wonderful stuff...sweeter than honey. I love, love, love the jar...just getting into altering all sorts of containers and I would love to give that one a try.

Marilyn Weyman Kegg

New stuff from Red Lead is a honey of a deal! I love all your things. Oh how I wish you could be in Arizona so I could make a visit to Red Lead part of the Saturday routine! Instead, I'll have to settle for winning some yummy stuff!

Elizabeth Parsons

Can't wait to see your new items! I love all nature items for altered art!


mmm honey is delicious but I don't think I could give up sugar. I used to have a popcorn ball recipe from sue bee that used honey, it was really good. can't wait to see all the new goodies!

Susan W

Cool beans! Can hardly wait to see the new stuff!

Barbara P

I always love bees! Just chose bee fabric to have a stool covered. I hope to visit your store in May. Road trip! Love your products! Thanx much.

theresa forge

cant wait to see the new stamps!! I love a bit of honey on steamed carrots!! Yummy!!


Can't wait to see your new designs. They're bound to be sweeeet!


Sounds like fun! I love it all- jars, bees, honey... Can't wait to see the new stuff! Linda


Oooh sweet! I'm the "QueenBee" in my house so I'll crown your new Bee elements. I love creating little scenes and vignettes in jars...they make perfect little Fairy homes and I think a honey jar will be the sweetest Royal Hive.
Thanks for sharing all your wonderful inspiration!

Barb O'Brien



Sounds beeutiful!!! I would love to be able to decorate that up for a wonderful mother I know who deserves it!!!


Altering a jar sounds fun. I just found a few great recipes with "runny honey" in them last night. :)

Nancy Johnston

I want honey stuff! Love your site and hope to actually get a trip to the store this year.


I can't pass up anything Red Lead. Sounds like a sweet give away. Looking forward to seeing the new stamps.


So excited to check out the new items! I was just in there a couple weeks ago but I might have to come back by : )

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


Thanks for the giveaway! I love your stamps and wished I lived nearby. Thanks also for the reminder - I need to buy some honey!


Sa-weet! Who woldn't love a chance to win some stuff from Red Lead?!? I haven't any recipes using honey; but I'm sure you could take a pick of several at www dot honey dot com!


Your nature images are the best! What a sweet give-away! Hope I win!

Amanda clemons

What a great idea! I can not wait to see all the new goodies. I wish I lived close to the store. The classes and events always look like so much fun!

Chris Gosik

So sad to have missed your big sale last weekend! But am heading back into town this weekend . . . Anything left? See you soon...


Love all your products - can't wait to see what's next! I feel an order coming on soon....!


Vintage nature.. can't wait to see. Honey pots to boot.. one sweet treat.

Suzie Cross

I adore all things Red Lead & am excited to see what new things you have in store for us! And, thanks so much for the generous give-away! Cheers, Suzie

Nancy Pleimann

Great giveaway. Look forward to the new stamps. Nancy P.

Tami Roth

HOW SWEET!! Please count me in and thank you for everything!


I make the best pear honey in the fall and then give them as gifts for the holidays ;-)


What a honey of a give-away!!!! Who could pass up this one??? Thanks folks!!

Sarah Raines

What a beautiful giveaway! And so perfect for spring. It makes my fingers itch to play with new stamps :-) Thank you so much for your generosity and am glad to hear you are safe in St. Louis. thoughts and prayers are with your city.


Sue W

Since I'm so dang far away (FL) and can't come visit you in person, I'd LOVE to win a goodie bag of Summery Goodness!

Linda Robison

Red Lead has done it again! Tickled my muse and got me jazzed to start something new. You're so "sweet" to do this generous giveaway and would LOVE new stamps, especially from YOU!! Bee utiful goodies, fingers & toes crossed to win ;-)

Allison Revetta

Loving all things Red Lead nature thanks for all you do to help our creativity
Franklin TN


Okay, now you're making me hungry. The jars look really cute. Hope I win.


Love the idea, more bees yeah. It is my signature, since it is part of my name. Can't wait. Trish

Yvonne Snyder Tinney

Love the idea of altering this jar! Great spring project! I love your products...thanks for the opportunity to win.


What a fun project for spring-recycled jars! A honey of an idea!

Becky Kilpatrick

I love all things Red Lead and can't wait to see what is new. Especially if it involves bees and honey!


Honey on warm flaky biscuits...nothing could be yummier. Altering honey jars is a very cool idea...and I can't wait to see all your new goodies. I'm sure they're sweet as honey.

Dottee O.

Nature and honey and bees, oh my....nature and honey and BEES, OH MY!!!
I've got goose bumps just thinking about the wonderfulness of it all!!


I can't wait to see the new stamps and collage elements...I know they're going to be sweet as honey! Speaking of honey...have you tried the new Cool Honey Altoids? They're tasty and come in a very cool tin...perfect for altering with Red Lead images! xx


Sweet treat! Please count me in!

Diana B

Oh - sounds like some really great things are coming in.

Jan Larson

I can't wait to see what you have cooked up next! I love bees and all things gardening, too!

Gaye Miller

I'm a newbie to this site and I'm lovin' what I see. I live about 150 miles south of Webster Groves, so maybe someday I can actually come into the shop. In the meantime, I'm sure going to do some online shopping with you.

Lynn Stevens

I hear its all a Buzz, I'd love me some honey goodness!

Lolita Dally

Never enough bee ephemera-never!


I love honey, jars and bees. Bees tie into my last name so I collect them.

Deborah Mahnken

Can't wait to see the new stamps & collages. And as far as honey, I mix it with apricot jam and use it as a glaze when baking chicken.

Julia Rene'

What a great idea.....love your stuff....

Jan Korzenaskie

I love altering jars! Can't wait to see the new stamps!

connie k.

love your photo stamps!

Bev B

I love honey, especially on ICE CREAM! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!


Honey and Bees, Oh what FUN!

Susan Hahaj

A sweet Honey giveaway! How fantastic! Thanks so much, Red Lead! Susan

Sue Irvine

Woo Hoo, that jar will look great with vintage everything on it!!I'm so excited I'll be able to visit the store a week from Wed. when I go for son's basic training graduation. Plus, the bird tag(or very similar) you featured a few blog posts ago I think I bought from you a few years ago on etsy, I count it as one of my treasured possessions!! Sue

Terri D.

Can't wait to see the new stamps! Love that nature stuff. Hope to get down to STL for a visit soon...

nancy C

What a great idea - to alter a honey jar!!
Can't wait to see your new things!!

Jessica R

Wonderful ideas! Thanks for the opp! Red Lead Rocks!!!

Lynn Fox

Wow, sounds like a lot of awesome goodies headed our way! Can't wait! And thanks for the chance to win!


love nature art...can hardly wait to see what goodies y'all will have! Thanks for a chance to win some! Happy Spring!!


This is awesome! And my name means "BEE"! I need a honey jar! :) It would be so fun to alter and add some of my favorite 'kid keepsakes'! I'll look for one of my old recipes...and a favorite, using honey and send it via email! Red Lead rocks!


I'll be in! Anything with bees is a must have.
Happy Spring.


Oooh, I can't wait to see what's coming... vintage nature is my favorite, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of it, "Red Lead" style! I'm sure it will be bee-autiful! The jars look fun, too. Thanks for a chance to win. :)


Love your rubber stamps! I recently used the rabbit defined stamp for my parent's Easter card. They liked it a lot. :-) I am looking forward to seeing your new ones!!!

Kathy Patrick

What a wonderful idea! Great way to recycle used jars! I can think of lots of ideas for them...gifts, craft supply storage, pencil/paint brush holders...


I can't wait to see what you have coming out!! I love your canning jar stamp and have used it in so many projects ... ATCs, cards, mini albums ... I love it!!

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