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July 28, 2010


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betsy schwartz

I work in the National Aviary,so my love of birds is unmatched. I am always making "birdtreats" for the employees,with my other love of paper arts. So I would love to have this wonderful kit,and make new treats for my fellow employees and maybe even the birds!!!!

Renee L. Cox

I have loved birds since seeing the swallows return to Capistrano when I was three & feeding them with my dad. From then on we have had birds in our home, parakeets, doves, pigeons, and my personal favorite finches. Our cat, Calico, used to play with any little bird that fell out of a nest; holding them between her paws and then she would pick it up and bring it to us to put away, quite the character she was. One of my favorite quotes is by Mya Angelou - "I know why the caged bird sings..." Your lovely offering would allow us to set them free to see the world ;} -you couldn't have made a better choice for Red Lead! Renee L. Cox, Steilacoom, WA

Terri Gurney

I am in LOVE with Red Lead!! Awesome products and cool giveaways too!!
Hugs ~ Terri G.

Paula Chizmar

Oh my what a great giveaway. I wished I lived closer,, if I did I think I would live at your store.. I love your stuff!



I love the whole giveaway, fingers crossed, Thanks so much, love all your products!!!


Wonderful giveaway. Thanks.

Carrie Gonzalez

What a wonderful giveaway! Love birdies!

Kristin Townsend

What a cool give a way! I love that your offering the chance. I can see these items on a couple of projects already!!

Aimee K

This is such a cool and great give-away!! Loving the birds! Going to check out the rest of your website.


I just love birds... my most enjoyable mornings are when I wake up before the sun and have my morning coffee on the deck/patio listening to the birds communicate with each other (sometimes I try to join in, but that doesn't always work well). How wonderful it must be to see the world from above - "on the wings of a dove" away from the hustle-bustle of human life. We see beautiful cardinals here in Austin, TX, but not as bright red in color as those you find in the Northern part of our country. I love your bird stamps, charms, paper; heck, I'll be honest, I love it all!


I'm loving all the emails your sending with all the ideas...your new inks look so pretty..love the birds..thanks for doing this


These are so great. Thanks for the beautiful work.

Brandy Ricotta

I think this is a birdy cute idea! I love the stamps, your store always inspires me to do something more creative! Thanks for your creative mind! Have a blessed day!


What a great giveaway. Love the colors...

Linda F.

What a fab giveaway...you two have the best birdie treats to play with! xo


*tweet*tweet* What a treat!

Nancy Huntley

Oh my! I would just love to win your great package! I love working with birds and this has a lot for making birdie things! Hope I win!


Wow, this is so tweet of you! What beautiful, artful items. Thank you for sharing.

Tracee Moore

Oh my! I can't afford new toys right now because I lost my job. I would LOVE the win the birds...


If this is not the 'tweetest' giveaway, I don't know what is! I love Red Lead and this s just another reason why!!!

Robyn Stall

How "tweet" of you! LOVE your online store. :)


What an awesome givaway!!! I've been following Red Lead for some time and I've been totally inspired!!! Gotta get involved soon!!!

Debbie Douglas

Great stuff
I am due for some good luck

Kathy House

What a great giveaway! I am fairly new to your blog, but I really love it and plan to make a trip to Red Lead real soon to see everything up close and personal! I love birds--have them tucked in many spots in my bedroom!


Awesome, my entire wish list in one giveaway! Hope this one wings it's way to me (sorry, couldn't resist)!

Robin Swederske

Wow!! All this bird stuff is great!!! Just like your store!!!!
Robin S


I'm in! Love the birds, can't wait to see more of what you come up with for Halloween and fall. Best, Vesna.

Martine Labelle

oh wow!! those are so pretty!! LOVE all the birdies! I'd love to give them a good home! ;)

Sandi M

You all are awesome! I so love your products :) It would make my day, month, and year to win this giveaway - it has all that I adore in it!

Jan Korzenaskie

What a wonderful giveaway! I love all items! Thanks for the chance.

Jan K.



Susie Lowe

Not that everything isn't good but to me there is something about those eggs! Maybe I'm 'clucky'? lol


I love this giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win. I love Red Lead.

Heidi Wilson

I enjoy all the wonderful things that I have ordered from you!


Okay, I admit it, I'm a little obsessed with birds. These items will help me integrate my love for our little feathered friends into all crafty aspects of my life!


Love the birds. One of my favorite movies of all time: Alfred Hitchcock - The Birds. Anyway, yours are great, thanks for the chance to win.

Camille Wayne

Thank you for this opportunity. I only am able to get to your store when my family and I travel to St. Louis for a Six Flags vacation. I was just there in May and was able to visit your new store and let me tell you it is awesome. I like to shop online but being there and able to touch it...nothing like it and you guys had helped me with transfers and I bought the pen and viola, hooked! Thank you for that!! Thanks for all that you do and sharing your wonderful creativity with us! We all are so fortunate!


Love it all!!!


Love those little birds!!! Thanks for the chance at your awesome giveaway!!!



Terri S.

My life right now is for the birds LOL. I am working on a 'glue book' featuring birds. This most wonderful giveaway would surely make it extra special!!
Terri S.

Wendy Sippel

Thank you for another fabulous giveaway! Can't wait to get up there and see y'all!
Wendy from Texas

Liz Friedmann

I wish I had wings and could fly to the store. Since I don't, I'll hope that the bird goodies will wing their way to me.

Suzy Girl

I almost laid an egg seeing this. You are inspiring me so much. Thanks.

Beth Spencer

Hi Girls, Just wanted to say what a great time I had last weekend at the X-mas in July class. I think all the bird things are really cute. Beth


I love the story stamps and the birds are some of my favorite. the little birdhouse has so many possibilities. I really need to win this. It has been a black cloud day (lost my keys, spilled my Starbucks on my blouse on the way to work, dropped my book bag in parking lot, elevator being repaired-climbed 3 flights of stairs, & it is only Wednesday!) Winning something willmake it all better.


Oh you temptresses! Melting our hearts with absolute must-haves! Great idea!

Suz Reaney

I love your things so much. I am signed up for the next ATC swap. Hope that will get me going to more Red Lead projects, though I have ordered a lot in the past.

Susan Reaney

Barbara O'Brien

Which came first? Red Lead or great bird art? RL Rocks!

Cri Watson

My head is spinning with all kind of fun things to make. Your little package is just to die for....Love anything with birds....


Glorious giveaway! All of the items are gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to win.

Pam Sparks

awesome stuff to create with! thanks for the chance!

Cindy Roderique

What a great giveaway, so pretty! Thanks for the opportunity!

carlene fullerton

these stamps and things give wings to so many ideas! thanks!

Mary Ann Potter

I have a bird poem I wrote awhile back just made for this occasion:
"A Mitzvah: the Watcher"

For our chosen feast,
special favor
besstowed upon us,
currying our approval
in a brief, sandy pledge...

Anad we are distracted:
the smallest wren,
shining black eyes darting about,
tiny feet
leaving only
a suggestion in the sand
just fragmentary enough
to be fluffed away
and forgotten.

I figure that I need some nifty birdy stuff to go with this poem!


Gosh I would really like to win this giveaway. I really like the robin's eggs. I will wait by my mailbox :). Thanks!


I can hardly resist this give away. It's a bird thing, you know?!? Thanks as always for sharing your amazing talent and goodies!

Deann Johnson

wonderful giveaway, but I am one of those people who never win anything... fingers crossed!

Trish D

This is a great giveaway. Have been watching the birds at our feeder and suet feeder. Also chuckling as we are watching a squirrel slide down the greased pole as it is trying to get to the peanut feeder. Do love the birds and little hummers. Would love to win. Trish


Well of course I love this giveaway! Reminds me of the first workshop I took with my Kansas City friends. We drove over to make the nest & bird books. I finished mine at home and still have it on display to this day! Good memories Red Lead, good memories! Thanks.

Tami Roth

WOW-I'm crossing my fingers! Thanks for sharing you 2!!

Jeannette  L.

This giveaway would go great in my newly decorated bedroom. So inspiring.... Tweet!


Oh my goodness I haven't been to the blog in a while and can't believe all that I've missed. Amazing new product every week. This is a lesson to visit more often. Can't wait to see you at Stamp Away in a few short weeks. Thanks for the chance to win.


wow, what a wonderful giveaway!

Donna Shaner

I LOVE the birds. I even have my kitchen and living room done with vintage bird figurines, bird cages, old bird pictures and books, etc. And I really love your products. I look forward to your emails-they are the first ones I open!
Donna S.

Lynne Cooper

What a great giveaway! Please put my name in the hat for a chance to win it. Seeing them all together helped to give me some great ideas. It's wonderful that you two creative gals are so willing to share your talents with all of us. Sometimes we just need to have the creative side of our brains jogged a little.
Stay cool! Lynne C.


So, so cute. I need to come by the store ASAP!

Terri D.

Love all the birdy goodness! Great giveaway. Thanks for your generosity.

sharon d

Great giveaway... Thanks for the chance to win!! Love, love your stamps - they're sooo me!


Love all the new birdy supplies, along with all your new stuff...Red lead inks, etc. What's next?!?


OMG!!!!! My 6 year old granddaughter and I are all about birds (and anything to do with birds) right now. She keeps saying "Grandma, I need this for a room, it would be so cute in there" and ends up going home with it. So I could sure use some birds stuff. LOL Thanks for the chance to win this

Vicki Wilson

Gorgeous stuff. Great giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win.

Debbie Harris

Love this coordinated bird set, what an awesome prize!

Amy Miller

What a "tweet" idea! I am sure all these feathered things will jsut "fly" off the shelves...so perfect for those days when you feel like "nesting". Definitely Egg-citing!


I need those cute little eggs!!!
I think it is time for a road trip to St. Louis!!

Peggy Sargent

Your "goodies" are all so wonderful it's hard to choose! Thanks for a terrific site! :-)

Robyn Fergeson

Wow! Birds are so my thing these days! What a great giveaway!

Joan Georghiou

My Daughter is a bird girl...this would make her very happy! Please put me in the drawing. Always enjoy receiving your emails and love your website.


Ooh, I love this! I especially love birds and robin's egg blue. What a great giveaway!

debbi g

Anything birdy is my fav! thanks for the cool give-a-way.
debbi g


Red Lead is constantly inspiring me with their blog and wonderful products...the bird items are fantastic!


been watching a momma cardinal feed her baby hopping after her this morning and thinking of making some cute bird cards for friends. this would add the finishing touch I need!

Beth Perry

eek!! loving it!!
I am hoping to meet you guys at the StampAway convention coming up in a few weeks. I am going over there with Sharon Johnson! can't wait!
and awesome giveaway! thanks!

Lynn Fox

Tweet tweet...I'm all a'twitter at the possibility of winning your great bird goodies! Please throw my name into the nest...I mean hat! And thank you! Lynn Fox

Laurie Davis

Red Lead is the best site out there for rubber stamps, collage elements - everything! I wish I lived close enough to come take classes. I love all the samples you post on your site.
Laurie Davis


Beautiful set of goodies!
It's all simply amazing!

Cindy Powell

What a fabulous give-away and perfect for any time of the year!


I LOVE birds...and I love Red Lead! So there couldn't be a better giveaway! Thanks girls!

Carol H - Fairview Heights, IL

Such cool bird goodies! Your store always has the neatest things! Unlike any other store around. Thanks!

Nancy Ward

Please add my name to the list of 'hopefuls.'

It's a terrific giveaway...many thanks.

Nancy Ward

Tami M. (tmarie)

Oh what a fun group of birdie goodies! I just love your site, thanks for sharing with a fun give-away!


wonderful giveaway! such lovely items.


I love your website and I love your products. You are an inspiration!!!

jane gerwig

Oh My goodness I love all your products and enjoy being a shopper on your website! Thank you so very very much for being there!!! I am so grateful for all you offer and al the great ideas you give. Hugs to you all!

Peggy Bainbridge

Well I don't expect to win, but I thought I would take the chance to express my love for your products and service. As for the birds and eggs, I would love to win the stamps becuase buying them is too dear for me right now, and I love how they can be colored to look vintage, I love the vintage look. And btw..I am glad you have a button to display on a web site..I put one on my blog!!


I am loving all things bird and nest right now. Perfect timing! Kris


Beautiful give-away! Your products are lovely!


Chris and Sharon I would love to win your wonderful little goodies. Thanks for the chance..................

Linda Smiggen

Oh my gosh!!! I love, love, love the bird giveaway and also all of your stamps and papers!!! Wish I lived in St. Louis just so I could hang out at your wonderful store. Also love birds; I hand-raised a baby robin when I was about 10 years old and he returned yearly to visit. What a wonderful giveaway!!!!!

Deb R

these are great love the bird charms. thanks for a chance to win

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