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December 19, 2009


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Win a Sparkly Christmas Goodie Box!:


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so did someone win yet? its an awesome prize!


I love the old fashioned Christmas decorations,stamps etc on your site. I read and save it everytime you post, and have tried several of the techniques. THanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!

Chrissie McConnell

Love the new store. You ladies are so creative.Best wishes in the New Year!


What a wonderful box of goodies! Have a great holiday.


Wow that's some fun stuff!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! :)

Bonnie Heggemann

WEll, I finally got to the comment box. Couldn't get to it last night for love or money. Anyway, just wanted to wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. I love your shop and your classes and I wonder why it took me so long to find you. Sure glad I did. See you in 2010. Hope to take lots of classes next year.

Bonnie Heggemann

Gina D

Happy Holidays!!


I love and miss Red Lead! I love being able to stay in touch through your blog. Happy Holidays!

cindy c

maybe santa will be good to me this year--

cindy c


what a great way to celebrate the holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all!


It is refreshing to see what is posted on this site as so many stamp companies and publications tend to recycle ideas until everything starts to look the same. . .I appreciate Red Lead's original ideas! Here's to a very creartful New Year!


Hi! Yes you guys ROCK! Says it all if u ask me! Wish you were MUCH closer..but sure would like a chance to win...ty for everything! And...Have a Merry Holiday! and an even better New Year! Cher

Hollie Holman

What a wonderful little treat... Love the store... Happy Holidays


wow, cool stuff, thank for sharing!


wow what a fun blog and a great giveaway! so happy I found you thru Art Gang LA yahoo group!! (even though I live in OH!!) I love the group and happy I now found you as well! Merry Christmas to you and yours!! Enjoy the holidays! thanks! Linda

Pearl Hoines

Oh what I wouldn't give to live closer to you all
A Shopping I would go....ho ho ho

Hope your Hollydays are Wonderful!



Oh what a fabulous stash of goodies. It would be such a merry, merry Christmas if I were one of the lucky winners. Merry Christmas Red Lead...I love your stuff!! XOXO

Nancy Gatchell

HO HO HO - Christmas is almost here! thanks for sharing your great ideas - only wish I was closer to enjoy them in person! I would love to see a 'Christmas goody box' filled w/sparkly things under my tree! I would even be a good elf and share them w/my crafty scrappers! Keep those ideas coming!

Mrs Frizz

Wow, someone [well three someone's] are going to be spoiled this Christmas.

Merry Christmas from the bottom of the world.


I love your goodies! Can't wait to visit your new store on my next trip to St. Louis! Merry Christmas to you & yours!


Merry Christmas!!! Just found your site and it looks great so far.


I would really, really love to win these goodies. I feel like "a kid in a candy store" whenever I visit Red Lead!


Indeed I'd love to win those sparkly gorgeous Christmas goodies!! I aint too shy to admit;p
Wishing you "Ngā mihi o te wā me te Tau Hou" = A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all the way from New Zealand!


Merry Christmas to YOU!!! And thank you so much for the chance to win such a wonderful goodie box!
Doreen aka LuniLadi

Kris C.

Just discovered your site, Fabulous! I don't know where to start first. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas! Those are beautiful goodies. What Generosity.


Thank you for the inspiration I find every time I visit your blog!!Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Safe New Year from Australia.

Barbara Rankin

Red Lead is my favorite place to shop. I wish you were here so I could take classes from you all the time.
Barbara R


You have a wonderful store! I just saw your ornaments featured on scrapscene and I was intrigued! Merry Christmas to you and yours!


mERRY cHRISTMAS AND Wishes for a Prosperous new Year, Thank you so much for bringing such beautiful art stuff for us to play with over and over! God bless. SUsie

heidi sue

luv! love! lerve! red lead, chris and sharon and creating.

can't wait to see what' in store for 2010!

heidi wallace

Diane M.

I am a repeat online customer, and always will come back to Red Lead. I just love the uniqueness of all of your stamps. I only wish that your store was nearby...I would be there constantly to see what was new. Thanks so much.

Carolyn Cece

Merry Christmas! Love all the vintage images and glitter.

Tina Mayo

cool..just found you from scrapscene..looks like a great site..off to ponder around!


WOW! i get happy just thinking of all the cool things i could make with all of your box full of goodies!!! :)
happy holidays!!! :)
Shari :)

Nancy Alletag

On the rooftop
of RedLead,
Santa stopped
in his sled.
And to the two sisters,
he said:
Merry Christmas to You
and your loved ones, too!

Connie Deschamps

Wishing you a very good holidays. i love your new location, so full of irresistible stuff!
Connie D.

Shazza Bishop

What a fantastic and generous giveaway :) This would really make my Christmas!! I could use those goodies in so many ways. Thanks for a chance to win, Merry Christmas to you both.



WOW I would love to win the box, I would be thrilled if I only won half the box:) Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season!!!

Lynne Cooper

It's just Lynne from Columbia, MO wishing you both the Merriest of Chirstmas'. I'm looking forward to the New Year and hoping that I'll be able to get in to the Red Lead more in 2010. I always get inspired when there. You gals ROCK! Happy New Year!!!


Merry Christmas to all! Thank you for the wonderful present of the opportunity to win! May all your wishes be fulfilled! Cheryl. fam4farm@yahoo.com

Kathryn Theiss

I love receiving your newsletter! It's always full of inspirational ideas. Wish your store was on this side of the state as I'd love to take advantage of your classes. May Santa be good to all of your this year! Merry Christmas, Kansas City Kitty


Would love to win one of the goodie boxes. A very Merry Christmas to all!!!

Dorothy Crutchfield

Red Lead Rules! I have always found what I was looking for at your store! Merry Christmas!
Evergreen Alabama

kate webster

Kate W


Fancy giving away such lovely stamps. I know a good home for them! xx

Cheryl Bass

Wow! Almost 400 comments already. I guess everyone else loves y'all just as much as I do! Thanks for a wonderful year full of ideas and products. Keep up the great work in 2010!


The only thing better than buying goodies at your store is winning them! Thanks for inspiring us all.....Happy Holidays!

Erin Bassett

What a generous giveaway!! Thank you!

Hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!


Great box of goodies....would love to see in my mail!

Sherry Grove

What cool stamps! This is my first visit, and I've already bookmarked your site. Merry Christmas to you!

Pam L

Merry Christmas Chris & Sharon!
I've been making those cool tags you showed me how to do. My packages look lovely, and so very Red Lead!


What a wonderful treat it would be to win one of these really cool boxes of goodies. Happy Holidays and a wish of peace and love for the new year.

Keely Yowler

Merry Christmas! Your stamps are just gorgeous. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.


I am so happy that you have a blog and a webstore! I've been able to visit your store twice and could have spent hours upon hours there. Thank you for inspiring countless people- me included! Thank you also for being so gracious with this give-away. Abundant blessings to you both!

Sherri P eh

Just discovered you through ScrapScene -- awesome stuff! I think I've got to shop you now!

Iris Soscia

Thanks for a chance to win some Red Lead goodies. Love your blog! Iris Soscia

Denise Humenik

The only times I wish I wasn't in California is each time I see your emails of all the wonderful classes you offer! I LOVE your stuff, love your work!! You will see more shopping from me once we get our "Furlough Friday" pay back!!! :) keep up the awesome work!


would love to win these goodies..thanks..

kim whitten

Those stamps I saw on the gift tag ideas at Scrapscene were DIVINE! A very Merry Christmas - glad I found your pretties. :)

Beth Watson

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - I love Red Lead!


Oh my gosh, what a wonderful give-away. I'd love to win so I hope you ship to Canada. What a wonderful gift you are giving for the Holiday Season. Thank you.

Gloria (Illinois)

Merry Christmas, Chris & Sharon!
I haven't been to the new store yet, but I will be there soon! You always have the best goodies, and I need a fix!
All the VERY BEST in the New Year ~ Gloria

Linda Hahn

Ho!Ho!Ho! And a very Merry Christmas to all of you!! I just discovered your website via ScrapScene and LOVE your merchandise!! What a nice start to the New Year it would be to ring it in with a wonderful box of Christmas goodies from y'all @ Redlead Paperworks!!"God bless us everyone!"

betsy schwartz

You have the best web sight . I just love all of your stuff. Its like you are stocking just for me. And the special gifts you send,well you are the BEST. kEEP UP THE GREAT JOB!!! bETSY


I wish I lived nearby - you have such beautiful things ! You are so inspiring and creative. Enjoy the holidays and thanks for the giveaway !

Jo Lynn

Merry Christmas. Love your products.


Yay! Pick me! I could use some sparkly goodness this week after taking care of sick kids for three days!

Paula D

I just found this blog, and what a better time. Thanks for the opportunity, and Merry Christmas.

Marian Perrine

You ladies are the BEST! Never been to your blog before: it's incredible. And I thought your on-line store was fantastic. Just wish I lived where your store is so I could take classes. Thanks for your artisic inspirations. The best of the season to you!

Bethany Crowell

Oh my goodness! What a lucky person who will receive this box of goodies!! Merry Christmas to you...


First of all, Happy Holidays to all of you at Red Lead. I do so appreciate your sharing with the world your artistic talents and interests. I feel we are truly kindred spirits. I love everything you offer and would so love to include these goodies in my "collection"!

Patricia J. Armbrust

Your pictures and ideas never fail to put a smile on my face. Just wish I could get there from here. Still I enjoy it from afar.

Jan Larson

How nice of you to give away these lovely goodies! I hope your Christmas is merry and bright!

Margaret Kuenkler

Free stuff!!! WOW, you know how much I love free stuff! Thanks for all the great ideas throughout the year. Classes are always fun. Hope to see you in Jan. for another class. Have a Merry and a Happy for two really great gals.

Margaret Kuenkler


fun site, lovin' your stamps! thanks for offering this giveaway! sign me up-yeah! merry christmas and a joyous new year too!

Deb L

Merry Christmas!! What a lovely gift to receive for this most merriest of holidays!!

Pam K Alexander

Happy Holidays to you all, thanks for the giveaway!

Debbie Peysen

Oh My, my heart skipped a beat when I saw all the goodies. Thank you so much for the giveaway.

Merry Christmas and a special Merry Christmas to the winner.

debbie peysen

Alice Thomas

Happy Holidays! I LOVE your store - it is so inspirational!

Brenda Pearson

We met when you came to Meadowbrooke Hall in Michigan a few summers ago, and I have been hooked on your web store ever since. Wish we had a Red Lead in MI, will have to settle for MO. ;) Happy snowy holidays from up north, Brenda


Wow!! How scrumptious is this?! Thanks for the chance!


you'r right. I would love to get that in my mailbox. Have a very merry christmas!


Wow, that picture looks totally amazing. thanks for an opportunity to be the lucky one!
Aloha, Kate


I would have sworn I had left a comment as I love your shop... but looking thru I can't find it.. so here it is again... I wish you were here in the UK so I could have some of your fabby dabby stuff.. Its all soo awesome.. Merry Christmas, love Kirsti x

Bev Breisinger

OMG! All my favorite stuff!! Thanks for such a generous giveaway! Happy Holidays to you - a great bunch of ladies!!

Chris Flynn

Happy Holidays All You Art Enthusiasts out there !!!!
Love to come in and see all your goodies! Would love to win the goodie box !!!

Chris - St. Louis

cheryl Hancock

Love the giveaway. Thanks for a year of great ideas.

Cindy Simmons

Love when I can get over and visit your store. Always a treat and you all are always so helpful. Merry Christmas!!!!


What a wonderful giveaway! Merry Christmas! Lagene

Kathleen Potts

I saved a newspaper clipping from years back showcasing some of your items you have made and sold at your store. I got on your website and have been hooked ever since!I Love your store and all of your wonderful ideas. My siblings will be surprised when they receive their old school picture made into ornaments - thanks to Magic Glos! Happy Christmas!

Kris Pare

Wow, that is awesome! I love your store and wish I lived closer!
Merry Christmas,
Kris P

  SuAnn Semkin

What an awesome giveaway...so many goodies. Love your stuff. Just wish you were closer..oh well I'll have to make a road trip. (what fun!)
Merry Christmas!
SuAnn Semkin


Merry Christmas!

Nicole S.

Love how golden and sparkly everything is -- so Christmas-y!


Wow! I just found you and I am SO excited! I am LOVING Red Lead!!! Have a wonderful Happy Christmas!!!

Maggie Younkin

THANK YOU for the endless inspiration you have provided me. From your website to the items that have found their way to my mailbox I find myself wishing there were more hours in the day to create. Now, when are you going to move closer to me so I can attend workshops?

Sara Sampson

Greetings of the Season! What a great holiday giveaway. May you have many merry days and a happy and blessed New Year.
Cheers! Sara


Fabulous giveaway. My hesd is spinning with all the things I could do with these.

Linda Kolander

Merry Christmas and Thank you for all the inspiration you have provided me and my daughter. I love your store and I love your displays.
Warm wishes.

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